Safe Tree Trimming Headquartered In Pattison, TX

Tree Trimming Harris County

Disassembling Dead Trees

When a diseased tree poses a danger to your home and property, make the call to a group with the right equipment for tree removal. We arrive with five-pound specialized chainsaws, and we’re fully insured. To ensure the client is always satisfied, we remove everything, and that includes stump grinding.

Make an investment in the safety of your home or business and partner with Clear My Land for tree trimming or removal. Frequent storms have demonstrated the vital need for strategic trimming protecting your home or commercial building investments. Older trees with frail limbs can pose a direct threat to your home or business when the winds pick up again.


Sculpt Your Landscape Into Something Special

Secure a time for a complete evaluation of your residential or commercial landscape and learn about the threat that overgrowth can pose to your structures. Our technicians arrive for any project with the latest safety equipment and a harness to ensure they get up and get down efficiently.

Take a proactive approach to manage your estate when you call our office for a quote. We can offer a creative approach that leaves your existing trees and your overall landscape looking pristine. When the project is completed, you won’t have to worry about disposing of the branches and leaves that come down during our work.