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Tree Trimming
Transform Your Surroundings
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Transform Your Surroundings

For clearing land, trimming trees, or removing stumps, our customers know where to contact us. Our goal is to be as transparent with our clients as possible because we are committed to completing the job as assigned.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming service providers transform the most rugged of farms into some beautiful sceneries. If you are looking for someone to beautify your vast properties and lawns then you are at the right place! 

Such services have staff specialized in clearing your lands of any kind of shrubs, bushes or even trees! That’s right. Be it young trees or full-grown trees, they are professionally skilled in pruning and trimming all kinds of greens. So now bid farewell to those messy weeds and say hello to the classy scenes!

Tree Cutting and Pruning

Tree cutting is sometimes the most important initial part of the process as extensive foliage results in making the place look messy even if it is just one tree. Dead branches are sometimes very dangerous as they can fall off quickly on some strong winds causing unnecessary injuries to anyone standing below the tree. It is best for all to keep the trees maintained with proper pruning whenever required.

Many people try to save up on maintenance costs and either try to do it by themselves or just ignore it. However, ignorance is not always bliss. Sometimes it’s a mess. In the end, you end up paying even more than you would have. So it’s better to just get the yards cleaned up when it’s the right time to prune. No matter how much you try, proper pruning is not as easy as it seems.

Common Mistakes While Pruning

There are a lot of common mistakes that are made by untrained people while cleaning up gardens or pruning tree branches. Sometimes the base of the branch is neglected which causes problems in the future such as quick dryness or overgrowth. 

An improper cut damages the branch collars of trees which in turn results in a wound that would not heal properly. On the contrary when proper pruning is done, the cut is not too far or too close to the branch and it lessens any kind of damage to the tree. 

Tree branches often become too dry to cut off or sometimes the tree service company doesn’t take good care of the roots. In such cases the regrowth of trees, especially fruit trees, happens faster than expected, requiring frequent maintenance.

Maintaining small gardens is easier. We can just remove dead plants and replace them with new ones but when you need to undertake tree care for large yards, you need help from someone in the Industry!

Tree Trimming Harris County

Stump Removal

With this service, stumps of the trees are removed by digging a hole that is big enough to fit the trees along with their root system. This system allows the professionals to cut down the trees in a way that separates the tree roots so that these roots can decompose in your garden creating more fertility for your garden. This also minimizes efforts to remove the entire tree and no need to level up the garden later.

Tree Trimming Harris County

Our Exceptional Services

Our removal services have been appreciated by our clients at all times. We know the best time to prune and the best way to do it. We, at Clean My Land, provide tree cutting services along with stump removal where we take good care of cleaning out as much as we can and leaving you only the best of the land. 

We also have services to maintain and keep your existing tree healthy if required. For those who have vast expanses of property to take care of, it becomes difficult to maintain it without a huge team and we are the team you need. Clean my land knows the lands inside out, quite literally. 

Join hands with our professional staff who knows exactly what is best for each land. We match our services to the type of land and create magic like never before. The lands that we have transformed are so shocking that even the owners feel like they are in a new place! 

Why Should You Focus On Tree Care?

The value of land depends on how well it is maintained. Our tree removal services, tree care, and proper pruning services are something that will quickly enhance the value of your property. If you are planning to sell it, there’s no better catch than a well-maintained yard. It is the first impression of your property so why keep it shabby? 

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, our tree cutting services are going to be a great value add to your actions. If you are planning to buy a property but are unsure because of its dense foliage then feel free to consult with us! With your imagination and our inside knowledge, we can convert any kind of messy land into the neatest and cleanest garden ever.

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